Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i feel like a kid again...

My first doll/figurine in like 15 years or so. Joe is not jealous at all of Garrett [until I talk about him too much] mainly because he hearts him too. In his own way. As a sweet awesome surprise my hubby bought me the Tron Sam Flynn doll that face lights up with Garrett's awesome face. I was so happy. The box was a little bent up top which made Joe upset but I told him.. its not like I'm ever going to sell this bish!
Here is where he lies now with another awesome gift from the hubby, my iLive stereo thingy. It sounds awesome! So when I am at my desk writing/facebooking/twitter or now blogging, Garrett is with me. Semi in body as well as in mind. Yay me!


  1. Awesome! I love it when our loved ones get us so much that we end up with the perfect gift!

  2. hi Cheryl! isn't it great to feel like a kid again and to get what we wish for? enjoy your loot! have a very blessed New Year too! c",)

  3. Yes, it is lovely when the folk we love get us just the right thing! Happy New Year! :)

  4. AHHH SO jealous you got a mini-Flynn in your stocking! I love the fact Joe shows his Garret love too, lol You've trained that boy right!

    And if for some reason Joe ever stumbles on your blog, I totally didn't meant that last part :P

  5. Amber - LMAO! You so did mean it. And I can't get him trained for anything else so what better then about Garrett. Its a win win right there lol.

    aobibliophile - I hope your new year was awesome and feeling like a kid again here and there I think is very healthy when you start to get older. I'm only 30 but I feel 50 sometimes so it helps me that much more =D

    Jayne - hope you had a awesome new year!!

  6. So you can listen to music while you write. It's odd, I can listen while I'm social networking, but when it comes to my novels I need absolute silence.
    ~ Wendy


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