Thursday, December 16, 2010

i have an unhealthy obsession...

Well besides my computer in general, I have another obsession…

See, I have an extremely addictive personality. Thank God I’m afraid of drugs or getting sick while drinking, because I would most likely have a problem.

My obsessions are usually kinda on the pathetic side. Which is exactly what this post is about…

Facebook games. I will give a run down of the games I play.. constantly. Café World, FrontierVille, FarmVille, CityVille, CountryLife, CafeLife. And Treasure Isle, FishVille and Social City I play sometimes. That’s 9 games total.. 6 I play on the regular. I would say I have a slight addiction, no?

Want to know the saddest part? When I’m in the car and I see a house’s landscape badly done I think of FarmVille and how I wish I had a giant mouse so I could click away at their bushes and flowers and move them around to make it look better. When I see trees with fruits or flowers on them I think… READY TO HARVEST! It’s horrible.

Almost every night when I’m making dinner I think of Café World but not to the extreme like FarmVille. When I play in Café Life I get sad because I want to go to my café and have a nice cup of Caramel Macchiato. But then again I can just go to Barnes and Noble and have a big cup of CM and be 100x happier with all the books around me.

So basically to sum this up… I need a life. But if someone tried to take my computer away from me.. I would probably look like this dude...


  1. hahaha this feels like me sometimes, although its not usually willingly but between running a blog, etsy store, and trying to keep up with back home. It kind've feels like you never leave your laptop :/

  2. very much agreed. For awhile I took a break [not by choice] but now its like I cant keep myself from the comp.. even if I try lol.

  3. Thanks for following. I look forward to reading more of your posts. :) My addiction...would have to be...reading and writing...and facebook (because it is such a great network tool). It is great to have "escapes" I guess.

  4. Thank you for following as well ^_^ I'm looking forward to future posts of yours, and I agree with you about reading and writing being an addiction. They to me are the most healthy of addictions. Facebook games.. not so much lol [well sometimes]. But I do love Facebook and have no desire to stop playing the games until they no longer interest me. Escapes are always good to have from time to time. I think it helps us appreciate the things we love more and also helps us deal with the tougher things.

  5. *giggle* I think I would have to be with you on this one. I do love the coffee and computer. *grin* But it is a healthy obsession.

    I'm launching a new reading challenge that you might be interested in, Morbid Romantica Challenge 2011.

    Also today is the start of a Ridley's Giveaway where you can win a Hardcover copy of either Beautiful Creatures or Beautiful Darkness.

    Mad Scientist

    Steampunkery & Book Reviews

  6. LOL! Those facebook games will suck you fast. For the longest time I was always playing Sorority Life, Treasure Island, and some other one.

    You know now if you and Gia send me a game request, I'm just going to see that picture in my head, lol

  7. Mad Scientist - I'm going to be checking out your challenges right after I get my kids to bed. So I can actually, pay attention lol.

    Amber - lol just ignore us.. but dont delete yourself from any games you are in that we play! We need the neighbors =D


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