Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Operation Beautiful and The Shine Project

Through my blog surfing today I came across a site that I have been following that is doing a Sticky Notes of Kindness challenge. I started to read about this really cleverly cute idea and came across another blog called Operation Beautiful. The creator of that blog had started pretty much the same thing some time ago.

I started to read more into Operation Beautiful and was completely inspired. I know myself, that if I was to find one of these sticky notes in a random place that it would lift my spirits. I absolutely love people who enjoy helping others like this. In a world where you feel like you are alone sometimes, it's a good feeling to know that there are not only others with similar situations that can give advice, but also people who go out of their way to try to make someone smile. I will admit, when I read these two blogs - I smile.

I'm going on vacation in two weeks and me and my daughter Gianna decided that we would like to use this vacation to participate in Operation Beautiful and Sticky Notes of Kindness. Now being they are both basically on the same page it will maybe make it a little easier on us to be apart of both. (I sound so lazy and I completely apologize for that.)

So I will be making a list of the color post-it notes, sharpie's (a MUST), and inspirational words I will be using for this little project. I think this is a good lesson to teach my daughter and a positive out look for myself.

I have been feeling extremely out of place and almost lost since my sons accident. Now, I hate bringing it up just as much as people I'm sure hate hearing about it - but the fact of the matter is, no matter how hard I try to convince myself that I'm ok and that I'm better - I'm not. I worry about everything. I can't stop thinking about the what-if's in life more than normal. I can't look at myself in a mirror without cringing and I can't stop thinking about why I dislike what my life has become. My son's accident put me so far down in a depression that everything else in life - even the most trivial - have become something for me to worry about or hate. Most have to do with what happened to him. But some, like how I look which has nothing to do with him, has become something that affects me on a daily basis.

When I see things like the above challenges, it gives me hope. I swear to you, as the sun shines bright, it gives me hope. I need any inspiration and any hope that I can get my hands on. If writing a few positive words on a post-it can do that then I think I owe myself enough to try it out.

And I think if you have even the slightest drop of negativity towards yourself or your life, I think you owe it to yourself to try it out too. It should be fun!

If you do decide to follow, I would love to see your photos!


  1. OMG I love this idea! I am so doing it!

  2. Isn't it so clever! I haven't went out since the other day but I can't wait to start! lol

  3. that's a cute and uplifting idea. a little dose of positivity into someone's day can't hurt!

  4. No it can't hurt and I never posted the pics that I took. I have been so lazy lately its almost pathetic =/ btw - I checked out your blog and I love it!!

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