Friday, April 29, 2011

Posting long over due fanfiction...

So, in 2008 I met up with some of the most awesome people ever. The fellow luva's! Right before I joined the site I got this itch to write a fanfiction about the much loved, Billy Darley from Death Sentence after finally recieving it on DVD. After writing about a page of the new story I went on a venture to learn more about the star Garrett Hedlund who plays the awesomely sexy tattooed bad boy. When I stumbled upon the MrHedlund site I about died. Not only was it filled with equally awesome ppl as myself that completely adore him, but it had... FANFICTION! Each and every part he played was recreated by some really talented people. I was like... this is meant! So, I started to read some of the creative stories and fell on my favorite one, written by no other than my muse, Amber. I made a comment on her story, she made one on mine.. and the rest is history.

A couple of years ago I pulled away from writing more than I wanted to and put my stories on the back burner. This was a mistake on my part, but I just didn't have the mind to continue. Pulling away from the net completely, I kind of just existed for awhile. Then, suddenly I had enough. I started to come on the computer making a promise to some people that I wouldn't leave again (after doing the peek-a-boo act a few times). And leave, I did not. But getting back into the very fun writing of fanfiction was still a long ways away. Slowly but surely I wrote the much anticipated (by me anyway) chapter 22 of my story, It's Almost Easy. That was the easy part. Posting was now my next hurtle, which is the meaning behind this post.

I don't know if I still have the followers I did on both MrHedlund and FanFiction, but I grew a pair and posted anyway. If people want to see this story continue they will read. If no one reads, at least I know I'm going to continue and eventually finish what I started. Which, after a word count of 124,292, I think I owe it to myself if anything to finish the story.

Being I'm my worst critic I will let anyone know that actually wants to read the story that I think of myself as the worst writer in the world. I have grown and have gotten much better since 2008, but to me I still suck. The story is not for people who don't mind seeing a bunch of cursing, sex (not detailed, it‘s not an erotic thriller or anything), violence and drugs. Hey, I just wrote the fanfiction. I didn't make up the concept of the story! :P

You can find the two site to the left at the Where I'm At section. Enter if you dare, and just incase you do ever read... be gentle with me. I'm delicate. And although I may not take criticism well, it is very much needed. How the hell else am I gonna learn?


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