Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I cannot do ten things at once...

Which completely makes no sense since I have 3 kids all close to the same age.. ish. I should be able to do 10.. no 100 things at once. But unfortunately I am not cool like that. I get side tracked too easily, hence my absence from my blog that I wanted so bad to keep up with.

1. My most recent story choice has had my head in a fog. A very dreamy and awesome fog. But a fog none the less.

2. Keeping up with my kids with school and at home has been kind of taking up most if not all of my brain.

3. Family in general completely exhausts me.

So my "me" time has been kind of scarce.

So for those of you that care, I apologize for not giving you a reason to follow me lately. I will be trying to make more time for myself on here and getting some type of routine down. I need this place to keep me balanced and release my stress levels. Cause I know mine get pretty high. So, off I go to sleep and I hope you all have an amazing night. Sleep awesome and have the best dreams ever.


  1. hi Cheryl! i'm just so glad to hear from you and how you're doing. take care now and talk to you again soon c",)

  2. :D thank you! Hope all is well with you!!

  3. Doesn't it stink how life gets in the way as well as all our self talk preventing us from doing what we want and say we are going to? Give yourself a break. We've all been there, especially when kids have a million things they need, your story is calling you, your husband, chores and the thousand other things us women have going on. Readers will always be there:)
    Like me, I just found your site and love the description about yourself. You sound so much like me:) We may be in out thirties but we still have all kinds of living to be done! Looking forward to future blogging from you.

  4. Thank you so much for your comment. "Readers will always be there." I need to remember this daily. Sometimes I think by the time I do get published the world will be done with reading.. It sounds far fetched, I know. But it crosses my mind more than not.

    I should be a little more appreciative though with my writing. The past two years I have been on a stand still with my writing due to too many life altering changes. Finally now I feel like myself again and my life is back to how it was before. I have the itch to write everyday but I just need to figure out a better way to get it done.

    Looking forward to getting to know you more! Have an awesome weekend!


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