Saturday, January 29, 2011

Needs Help!

So, I have been playing around with a past story lately. I want to eventually finish it and hopefully send it out to get published some day. Now.. here's my dilemma. I suck at finding names for my characters. Like, srsly suck. Sometimes, but not all the time, a name will just jump out at me as if the character is begging for it to be its name. Then there are times like now, where my main character is just as confused as I am. So, I was hoping, my awesome blogger world ppls.. that you could maybe help me choose a name. Or at least give me some names you like and eventually I can pick one that fits best. I will give you a quick bio on my character and then you can go from there if you wish to help. Thank you SO much if you do!

Main Character Quick Bio

-17 years old
-Long brown hair
-Brown eyes
-Loves books and photography [most of the time has a camera with her]
-Loves music [always has her iPod buds in her ears]
-Thin, but not super skinny, more average.
-Good in school mostly because she likes school but she isn't an A+ student. More like a 85-90 average student.
-Loves the fall and winter better than summer. [isn't a fan of the heat even though she lived in LA for a few years]
-Has a grandmother who pretty much raised her till she was 12 and taught her to be a respectable person, but to also not take crap from anyone.

I think that is a pretty decent quick bio. If you do want to help and need more info just write it on here and I will answer the best I can. Thanks again for those who help me!

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