Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Congratulations are in order...

I want to start off by saying this past month has been beyond hectic for me and my kids. Two graduations, two birthdays, planning for the summer for two more birthdays and getting things ready for my kids to be home for the next two months and finally, having family over for the entire 4th of July weekend doesn't entirely sound like a lot I guess, but to me, it's ahelluva lot! Maybe if I had one kid, maybe... MAYBE I wouldn't be so brain tied when it comes to organizing (and dealing with a lot of people at once).

Now that everything is over including the holiday, I can actually chill. I have a lot of posts to put up and I think I shall start with the graduations.

Gianna Graduated on June 28th 2011. My girl is officially a 6th grader! AHH!

I promised my daughter I wouldn't cry so being at her graduation was HARD!

I watched my daughter as she walked down the isle to her seat and had to bite my cheek to stop myself from crying. I watched as she walked across the stage and received her diploma and had to bite my cheek to stop myself from crying. As she turned with her fellow graduates and faced the audience and sang P.S. 36's version of Tao Cruz’s Dynamite (which was crazy clever) I almost didn’t make it.

I held my breath, thought of all I had to do that weekend coming up, even thought about how cruddy it is going to be not getting an inch of me time this whole summer, just to keep from crying. It worked. But only half way. Even though my daughter was only about 6 rows away she couldn’t see that my eyes were watering. Not a single tear escaped. I thought I was in the clear. Then at the end of the ceremony she ran up to me and said… “You cried!” I of course got defensive and told her I did nothing of the sort! But there was no use lying. I admitted to the overly wet eyes but I asked for credit where credit was due. I didn’t let the tears fall at all. I didn’t ball or crunch my face in a confusing look of pain like some people do. I kept my cool, overly blinked my eyes and smiled.

I think I kept my word. Even with all I did to keep from crying, I was the most proud of her I have ever been before. She worked so hard and eagerly to be on that stage. Years of following every rule and showing us as well as herself just how much she could accomplish. I know in my heart she will continue to prove to us all what we already know. That she is a smart and extremely talented amazing young lady.

And as I write this, I bite my cheek.


Joseph Graduated on June 23rd 2011. Technically it was called a stepping up, but lets face it - he graduated :P. My little man is now a Kindergartener! Eeep!

As I walked into my sons classroom my nerves started. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would not participate in any of the graduating activities other than the eating of junk after. And, I was right. Joseph not only didn’t participate but he shook his head no at me and his father the entire time all the other kids were singing (songs that he in fact sang prior to us getting there without any problems).

We, as nonchalantly as we could, were begging him to sing, move.. Anything! And all we got was a smirk, and several head shakes indicating that he was NOT giving in. -sighs-

After some time we learned that we needed to pay no mind to Joseph because he looked like he was about to cry. The more we begged or watched him, the more he said no, the more red his cheeks became and the more he seemed to get upset. So we decided to watch the other kids for awhile. And we are happy we did. One girl in the class whose mother is a fifth grade teacher that Gianna was very close to throughout the year, was the life of the whole show. She was jamming and singing and grooving and making the most adorable faces. She had the whole class in tears from laughing (while my son was happy in his own little world so it seemed). Overall the graduation was awesome. My son was in a better mood when it was time to sit and eat the cookies, cakes and other treats the class moms arranged for them.

It’s incredible how fast the time flies by. My daughter was just handed to me and now she’s going to be 11 soon. My other daughter Adie will be 7 this month and Joseph will be 5 next month. They were all just babies. I blinked… and now they aren’t. I guess I should be thankful that I started having kids at 20. I will still be semi young when they get even older and just maybe I will get to enjoy them even more.

One can only hope.


And just so my baby girl Adie isn't left out of this post (she graduated from Kindergarten last year), here is a pic of all 3 of our kids after Gianna's graduation cake.

The Cake and the Girl


  1. Ohmygosh Gia looked so pretty on her graduation!! And of course, all the kids are gorgeous :) They look all grown up now!

  2. What an absolutely beautiful little family you have!

    Following your lovely bloggy!

  3. Amber - :P thank you! They do look grown up! I can't get over it!

    Sam - Thank you so much for both comments! :D

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