Friday, February 25, 2011

Writing MeMe: First Lines

So I saw this cool MeMe on my awesome Muse's blog, Adventures In AmberLand. I think it's pretty fun and interesting. So here's the basic idea. Write the first line of your last 25 fics you wrote and try to find a pattern. Now I haven't written 25 fanfics but I will do the same as my muse and add my fanfics and my stories. Oh and I cheated just a tad. On acouple of them I added more than the first like. 'Specially #17. Mostly cause I like what came after the first line.

1. I believed he would protect me. I believed his words when he spoke them just a few months ago. - [Emma/William Untitled story]

2. He was breathing heavily in the dark as he ran through the woods; his lungs feeling as if they were about to collapse. - [Untitled Story]

3. The girl looked scared. - [Untitled Story]

4. Rachel stood looking down at her mothers grave. - [It‘s Almost Easy - Death Sentence FanFic]

5. I came from a small town in Maine that I have recently forgotten about. - [Untitled Story]

6. The two men in white coats looked at each other with wonder. - [Untitled Story]

7. They were running through the woods. - [Alien Story Untitled]

8. My name is Riley Maddox and I’ve lived in Massachusetts my whole life. Fortunately for myself I’ve always lived as normal and as safe of a life as anyone could want. - [Untitled Billy Darley FanFic]

9. This is very serious. - [Very neglected Ghost Story]

10. Brian Chavez tapped is fingers gently against his locker to the sound of the beat in his head. - [Untitled Friday Night Lights, the movie FanFic]

11. The breeze danced across Leighla’s bare back leaving goose bumps in its wake. The window was open tonight. Not that it would have mattered. He didn’t need a window, or a door to venture into her room.- [MY NEW BABY! Untitled Story]

12. Sometimes things happen in your life that you are in no control of. - [Untitled Story]

13. Breathing. It was once a function I took for granted. - [MY BABY! Vampire/Werewolf Story]

14. Jake stared back at me with sad eyes. Eyes that I was sure reflected my own at that very moment. - [MY SECOND BABY! Untitled Story]

15. When I first woke up this morning the only thing on my mind was coffee, and how desperately I needed some. - [Untitled Story]

16. Roslyn Turner stared at her reflection in her hand held mirror. - [Historical Untitled Story]

17. Family. A disorder you have no control over. An incurable disease that eats away at your very soul, crumbling you down slowly to nothing. At least, that’s what my family is - if family is the correct way of explaining who they are to me. Because I know that the word family in the dictionary portrays something a bit different then what I’m used to. - [Untitled Story]

18. Every year for the past 16 years, Bronson’s Carnival came to Epic Falls, Maine like clockwork. - [Carnival]

19. Alexandria Andresen paced the corner of her block several times before she mustered the courage to cross the street. - [Untitled Four Brothers FanFic]

20. The phone on Jenn’s nightstand rang several times before it woke her from her dreamless sleep. - [What Is and What Should Never Be - Billy Darley FanFic]

21. Sophia counted the last of the money from the drawer and placed it into Kevin’s safe. - [Untitled Death Sentence FanFic]

22. Luce’s eyes were fixed on the back of Cam’s head. - [Untitled Fallen FanFic]

23. It started with a car accident. - [Confliction - Twilight FanFic]

24. There he is again, the boy I went to school with - the man he has become; his face in yet another magazine. - [Untitled Garrett Hedlund FanFic]

25. Billy sat directly across from her. - [Untitled Billy Darley FanFic]

Patterns? Well for one it seems like every story is going to have some kind of conflict either right off the bat or eventually in the story. Not one story seems like there would be anything happy about it. At least not in the basic plot. Some of my stories "first lines" give me the vibe that a character is desperate in some way. I may be wrong but if I was an outsider looking in I would think that. But then again, being I know each one of these stories I can't look past what I know of each character and the plots, so it wouldnt work for me to judge. But I will say my biggest pattern.... I completely suck at naming my stories. I think I just may be the Unitled Story Queen.


  1. I noticed in mine and even in yours, a lot of our fanfics start off with telling a character's name.
    I was a bit proud of myself that I could actually guess which story was which, lol Except #6 - that has me stumped.

  2. Remember the story I told you about that I only had the outline of and all the characters? Like the main character was Jensen Ackles. This was the quick rundown I had on it...

    The story is about a small town that is owned by the government for families of Soldiers, Lieutenants and Scientists that work for them etc. etc. etc…. There is a building where they do testing on animals and now humans. One of the doctors wants to expose the town of what they are doing and let’s loose one of the experiments that began to kill and terrorize the town’s people.

    It was my cliche story lol

  3. Ohhh yes! yes! I do remember that now!


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