Monday, December 27, 2010

making some christmas cookies...

My Nana's Christmas Butter Cookies [my very first time making them. When I tried one after they were done for the first time in many years, I almost cried. They were perfect]

Christmas Sugar Cookies [I didn't have any fun with these at all. And the kids wouldn't even help me. They just wanted to eat them lol]

Joe making "Schneckers". That's not their real name but Joe's grandmother never found out the real name. Her sister in-law couldn't remember so she just called them Schneckers lol. So cute. New tradition created at that moment I guess. 

Ade made her own...

Joe making Gennette's...


  1. Ummm I think next year you're going to have to make room for one more person because I am SO coming to your house to eat all those yummy goodies next year!!

  2. They were really yummy. I made another batch of butter cookies the other night. You must come to eat them all and take some home for your sis and everyone lol. I love baking so I will make a bagillion of them.


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